Start Your 100G Migration Journey with the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216

Posted: Mon Mar 04 2024

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In the previous article, we talked about network migration paths to 100G and concluded that considering your business scale and future expansion is the most important condition when choosing the optimal migration path. For the growing needs of the network and long-term benefits, upgrading from 25G to 100G is the optimal way, compared to the traditional 10G-40G-100G path to improve data center efficiency.

Choosing the right hardware, therefore, is paramount to the migration to 100G networking.  No one does it better than MikroTik, who have consistently delivered cutting-edge networking hardware and software solutions to cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Among its impressive lineup of products, the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) is a standout performer, designed to meet the most demanding networking requirements with ease.

MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 Key Features and Benefits 

The MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 is a flagship offering from MikroTik that boasts an impressive array of features, making it ideal for data centers, service providers, and businesses with high bandwidth requirements.

Let's now dive into what makes the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) stand out:

1.  Blazing-Fast Speeds with legacy support

The CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ (MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216) is your gateway to high-speed 100 Gigabit networking made easy and affordable. Why? 

  • 100 Gigabit Connectivity: Equip yourself for the future with 2x QSFP28 cages capable of delivering a staggering 100 Gbps of data transfer speeds.
  • 25 Gigabit Everywhere Else: 12x SFP28 cages provide ample connectivity for your existing 25 Gigabit devices, ensuring smooth data flow throughout your network.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Legacy Support: A single Gigabit Ethernet port ensures compatibility with older devices and existing infrastructure.

2. Unmatched Performance

Designed for performance, the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) sets a new standard in single-core performance, with the following features:

  • Powerful Processor: The 16-core CPU, clocked at 2 GHz, delivers exceptional processing power to handle even the most demanding routing tasks.
  • Hardware Offloading: The Marvell Prestera Aldrin2 switch-chip takes the load off the CPU by handling L3 routing tasks in hardware, further enhancing performance.

Ample Memory: 16 GB of RAM ensures smooth multitasking and efficient handling of large datasets and complex tasks.


3. Built for Reliability

The Mikrotik Cloud Core Router 2216 is your reliable 100G networking solution offering you:

  • Redundant Power Supplies: Dual hot-swappable power supplies guarantee uninterrupted operation even in case of a power supply failure.
  • Efficient Cooling: Four hot-swappable fans dissipate heat effectively, ensuring optimal performance even under heavy workloads.
  • Powerful Storage Options: Decent built-in NAND storage and two M.2 SATA slots provide flexibility for additional storage needs.
  • Capable Software: The router runs on MikroTik's RouterOS, a powerful and versatile operating system offering extensive routing and network management capabilities.

4. Cost Effectiveness 

Compared to other offerings in the market, the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) comes out as more cost-effective. 

  • Upgrade Potential: The MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) can be a suitable upgrade path for existing CCR1072 users, utilizing compatible power supplies and SFP modules for cost-effectiveness. This way, you’re saving time and money on accessories while getting better performance with lower power consumption. This is the perfect drop-in upgrade for existing CCR1072 setups!

MikroTik product Review Video: CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ

Use Cases for the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ)

Due to its powerful specifications, the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) is well-suited for a variety of demanding networking applications, including:

High-bandwidth environments

  • Data centers: The MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) excels in data centers, facilitating large-scale data processing and storage by providing high-bandwidth connectivity for efficient data transfer between servers and storage devices.
  • Service providers: This Cloud Core Router is ideal for service providers offering high-speed internet access to their customers, enabling them to handle the increasing demands of bandwidth-intensive applications like streaming and cloud services.

Large and complex networks


  • Enterprises: Businesses with extensive networks and a high volume of traffic can benefit from the CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ's ability to handle complex configurations and ensure smooth operation, making it suitable for organizations like financial institutions, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Content Delivery and High-Performance Computing

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs): Efficient content distribution is crucial for CDNs, and the CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ's capabilities enable them to effectively distribute large amounts of content, such as videos and streaming media, to users around the world.
  • High-performance computing (HPC) clusters: In HPC clusters, fast and reliable networking is essential for data transfer between compute nodes. The CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ's high bandwidth and performance make it an excellent choice for supporting these demanding environments.


  • Virtualization environments: Supporting a large number of virtual machines with high bandwidth requirements can be challenging. The CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ's capabilities make it suitable for virtualized environments, ensuring smooth operation and efficient network resource allocation for virtual machines.

The Perfect Choice for Building The Future 100G High-Speed Network

With advanced features and offerings, the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 represents a cutting-edge, high-capacity router designed for high performance with blazing fast speeds. It caters to diverse networking needs for businesses, ISPs, research facilities, and more making it a reliable choice for taking networking setups to the next level.

Optace Networks is a Master Distributor and Value-Added Distributor of MikroTik networking solutions with a strong commitment to excellence in revolutionizing the networking industry with versatile and cost-effective products to empower networks for a connected world. 

We are pleased to showcase and present that the MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ) is a perfect choice for businesses and organizations demanding top-tier network performance and future-proofing their infrastructure. Its combination of blazing-fast speeds, exceptional processing power, and robust build quality makes it an ideal choice for handling large-scale data traffic and mission-critical applications.

Contact us today for more information on the  MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 (CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ).

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