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About Optace Networks

Optace Networks is a value-added distributor of network technology and solutions. We are committed to businesses that are dedicated to bridging gaps by creating links between people, communities, ideas, technologies, or resources. We enable network operators and integrators to explore innovative approaches to building and sustaining network systems by leveraging emerging technologies to shape how we connect, communicate, and share information in a dynamic digital space.


With Optace Networks, you are Perfectly Plugged to align your network systems to:

Connect and Collaborate: By working with us, you are reliably partnered with the right value-added distributor to break down digital barriers, foster collaboration, and discover new possibilities by bringing together elements that were previously separate or isolated to foster synergy and integration.

Innovate: With Optace Networks, you are well-partnered to discover new ways of building and maintaining agile, efficient, and adaptable network systems. Our technical staff is skilled and experienced in developing and integrating custom network solutions to fit your requirements for emerging technologies such as speed, efficiency, security, and scalability.

Grow: In us, you have a trusted partner to provide you with scalable network technology and solutions to match growing demands for connectivity. We are keen to establish a collaborative relationship with you, becoming a valuable extension of your team, and supporting your network infrastructure's growth and success.

Advance: With us, you have the right network partner to help you keep up with the industry as well as enable you to execute complex network infrastructures and systems with ease. We are with you in every step to advance your network systems and keep you updated on the progression and development of various technologies, methodologies, and practices that improve the efficiency, speed, security, and capabilities of network systems.

Our reach

As the growing need for connectivity catches up with the rapid technological and infrastructure growth in Africa, we are strategically placed across 15 markets in East and Central Africa. Our wide network of resellers and system integrators stretches as wide as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Malawi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion, Eritrea and DRC.


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Our vision

To build connectivity for the technological advancement of business and education in the East and Central African region.

Our mission

To be the leading distributor for solutions in wireless networks, structured cabling: Fibre & Copper, CCTV Surveillance systems and power backup systems in East and Central Africa.

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