Revolutionizing Enterprise Connectivity with Cambium Networks Enterprise Networking Solutions

Posted: Tue May 14 2024

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In the previous article, we expounded on how enterprise networks serve as the backbone of modern enterprise connectivity, facilitating seamless communication, collaboration, and data sharing among employees, partners, and customers. As such, future-proofing enterprise networks is a strategic imperative for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s digital landscape. 

Our previous article about enterprise networks concluded that organizations can build resilient networks capable of adapting to future challenges and opportunities by embracing scalability, flexibility, security, automation, and emerging technologies. And, partnering with a value-added technology services and solutions provider, like Optace Networks, is crucial for businesses to build future-proof enterprise networks. Such a partnership provides critical products, services, and expertise to build robust networks ready for tomorrow's demands. 

In this article, we shall further explore our distributor partnership with Cambium Networks to showcase their impressive lineup of enterprise networking solutions designed to redefine connectivity standards and enable exceptional digital experiences for modern businesses.

Cambium Networks Enterprise Networking Solutions

Cambium Networks offers a wide range of innovative, future-ready enterprise networking solutions designed to revolutionize your enterprise network infrastructure. Let’s explore their impressive lineup of enterprise networking solutions designed to redefine connectivity standards to enable exceptional digital experiences for modern businesses. These include:

  1. Security & SD-WAN solutions
  2. cnMatrix Ethernet Switches
  3. Cloud-managed Wi-Fi Access Points
  4. cnMaestro X Network Management

Let’s dive in:

1. Security & SD-WAN Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise networking solutions require advanced, modern, effective security. Cambium Networks’ NSE 3000 delivers advanced security, SD-WAN and network services for small and medium enterprise networks. The Network Service Edge (NSE) is integrated into Cambium’s ONE Network solution that enables organizations to deploy and manage security policy across the wireless and wired network. With the introduction of NSE, Cambium now offers: 

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) to establish a resilient and application-intelligent WAN edge such as Routing, WAN Load-Balancing and failover, Bandwidth Control, and WAN QoS.

Network Security to ensure dynamic network protection from ongoing and emerging threats through security features such as Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), VPN with Multi-factor Authentication, IoT Security, LAN security assessment and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Network Services to deliver core network services such as DHCP. RADIUS and Directory Connectors, in one integrated solution.

2. cnMatrix Ethernet Switches

cnMatrix is Cambium’s Next-generation switching platform that offers a cloud-managed, high-performance, enterprise-grade Ethernet switching solution. 

cnMatrix switches offer advanced automation capabilities to streamline and simplify network deployment and operations, enabling network administrators to optimize enterprise network performance and deliver exceptional end-user experiences while maintaining a lean IT staff. These include:

Policy-Based Automation - The ability to profile devices and automatically configure the switch providing a zero-touch experience even when deploying, disconnecting or moving network devices.

Auto Device Segmentation - This provides a secure environment for critical network resources by automatically placing devices in the appropriate network segment based on their profile.

Auto Policy Wipes - Improves security by automatically removing all associated dynamic configurations when a device disconnects.

Wireless Aware - Enables policy automation, easy monitoring, and troubleshooting of the unified wired /wireless network.

Site Survivability - Ensures uninterrupted operation even when connectivity to the cloud is lost

Click here to choose from our selection of indoor or ruggedized cnMatrix switches that fit your application.

3. Cloud-managed Wi-Fi Access Points

Experience seamless wireless connectivity with Cambium Networks' high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and 6E access points to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises. How? 

By giving users consistent, “wired-like” performance plus superior coverage and security depending on your needs — whether from single, small office networks or global, multi-site enterprise networks. 

Features and Benefits:

High-Performance Connectivity: Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, with industry-leading throughput and low latency supporting bandwidth-intensive applications, enabling seamless video conferencing, and providing guest access in high-traffic environments. 

Reliability and Redundancy: Built for resilience, Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions incorporate redundant components and failover mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted operation and maximum uptime. 

Scalability and Flexibility: With modular architecture and flexible deployment options, Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi solutions are designed to scale seamlessly to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Whether deploying in a single office or across multiple locations, organizations can easily expand their Wi-Fi network infrastructure without compromising performance or reliability.

Advanced Security Features: Cambium Networks delivers robust security features that protect against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions provide comprehensive security to safeguard sensitive data and critical assets, from encryption and authentication mechanisms to intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Centralized Management and Monitoring: With intuitive management interfaces and powerful monitoring tools, administrators can easily configure, monitor, and troubleshoot their Wi-Fi 6/6E networks, reducing complexity and enhancing operational efficiency.

Click here to choose from our selection of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6/6E access points that fit your enterprise application.

4. cnMaestro X Network Management

cnMaestro X is a simple yet sophisticated next-generation enterprise network management solution for Cambium Networks Enterprise wireless and wired solutions. The system offers elastic scalability and single-pane-of-glass management to deliver secure, end-to-end network and wireless lifecycle management with zero-touch provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities. It simplifies operations and ongoing maintenance.

Key features and Benefits

Built for scale and security at all levels - Devices connect to cnMaestro cloud management using SSL-enabling deployments without changes to the firewall configuration. Cambium intelligent edge architecture enables fault-tolerant networks where the network continues to operate even when the cloud is unreachable due to a WAN outage. With cnMaestro Essentials, you can manage networks with up to thousands of sites and up to 10,000 devices.

Zero-touch provisioning - Create, provision, monitor and manage the entire network of wireless and wired devices from a single dashboard login with key performance metrics, alarms and alerts. The cloud-first UI design is easy to learn and apply across the portfolio. cnMaestro network management helps network administrators simplify operations and deliver an optimal client experience.

Deployment flexibility and TCO - Choice of public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises deployment with best TCO. cnMaestro network management helps lower operating cost and accelerate return on investment by not requiring Wi-Fi controllers, which reduces the complexity and cost of deploying Wi-Fi networks.

Supports network hierarchy - Enables easy configuration, monitoring and debugging at network nodes and decreases operational costs. This especially becomes critical for large or small distributed networks with small on-site IT staff.

Find Cambium Networks Enterprise Networking Solutions at Optace Networks  

Cambium Networks understands the unique challenges faced by enterprises today and is committed to providing innovative networking solutions that empower businesses to unlock their full potential.  From the NSE 3000 SD-WAN and network services solution; to cnMatrix next-generation cloud-managed, high-performance, enterprise switching solution; to seamless wireless connectivity with high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and 6E access points; to cnMaestro X enterprise network management solution, Cambium Networks' enterprise solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses today and tomorrow, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing landscape. 

Find all these Cambium Networks enterprise networking solutions and more at Optace Networks and call us today for more insight into building future-proof network infrastructure with Cambium’s enterprise network solutions.

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